30 Graines Marjolaine, Origanum Majorana, Sweet Marjoram

30 Graines Marjolaine, Origanum Majorana, Sweet Marjoram

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Marjolaine, Origanum Majorana, Sweet Marjoram |

Marjolaine, Origanum Majorana, Sweet Marjoram,

30 seeds - Average germination: 70%

The Marjolaine or Origan des Jardins (Origanum Majorana) is a  of Perennial The family of Lamiaceae, cultivated as a plant Condimenta for its AROMATOMATIONS . It is a species very close toCommon Origan (Origanum vulgare). It is sometimes called Marjolaine des Jardins.

Other common names : Marjolaine officinale, marjolaine in shells.

Synonym : Majorana Hortensis Moench.

It is a plant that can be cultivated throughout metropolitan France.

Perennial plant, 60 CM high. Opposite, fluffy, grayish green leaves, of whole oval shape, from 1 to 2 CM long. Small white or mauve flowers, united in tight groups atASSELLE of the leaves with two Bracts in the shape of a spoon. Marjolaine is Mellifer.

VIVACE cultivated as an annual . Can be multiplied by tufts and sowing. She needs sunny exposure and does not support humidity combined with cold. It slightly supports the frost since its rusticity zone is between 6 and 91. Flowering July/August.

A " Butterfly at night " (Heterocere) feeds on Marjolaine : the White Phalene (Siona Lineata), from the family of Geometridae.

In the kitchen, this grass is used in the form of fresh or dried leaves, alone or in a mixture with other herbs, to flavor many culinary preparations. Its more delicate aroma than that ofOrigan brings it closer to Thym. It should be added at the end of the preparation, too long a cooking time risking to remove all its aroma.

The essence obtained by distillation of flowers is antiseptic, especially used in Fumigations[réf. souhaitée].
Marjolaine was sometimes considered Aphrodisiac 3.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Marjolaine by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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