10 Graines Ginseng de Sibérie, Eleutherococcus Senticosus

10 Graines Ginseng de Sibérie, Eleutherococcus Senticosus

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Ginseng of Siberia, Eleutherococcus feelicosus |

Eleutherococcus feelicosus is a bush of the family of Araliaceae from Siberia and North-East Asia1. It can reach 3 m. and supports cold climates (area of  Rusticity USDA 3A to 8b)2.

10 seeds 

The root is called improperly 3 Ginseng of Siberia because of its effects Adaptogenic, studied and used in athletes at the time ofUSSR1. He is used in medicine Homeopathic 4 and often mentioned as Dietary supplement with for indication : Fatigue, Surmenage, Herpes, Immunodeficiency5,6, and more generally Quality of life of  7. The bark is also used in traditional medicine 8.

Regarding pharmacological aspects This same publication noted about Eleutherococcus " Six compounds present different levels of activity Antioxidant, four show an action Anti-Cancer, three show an activity Hyposterolicing, two show Immunostimulants, and one activity choleretics, the moderate capacity to reduce the level ofInsulin, A radio-protective activity, Anti-inflammatory, Antipyretic, Anti-bacterial. "9

Since then, publications have multiplied on the components of the various parts of the plant (Leaf 11, Bark 12, Fruit 13) which confirm, in vitro or in animal experimentation 14, that the plant is a significant source ofantioxidants natural andAntimicrobial. Among them EXTENTHEROSIDE B (Syringin with an effect Hypoglycemic in Rat 15) specially present in the rhizome and the roots (which is poorly stored in the root powder, disappears from 50% in 1 year and completely in 3 years) 16.

In humans The indications of traditional Chinese medicine are subject to confirmation experimental : Effect Adaptogen17, anti-edematous 18, etc.

There is no drug incompatibility orTeratogenic effect reported 19 or adverse effects or allergy described 20, Contrindication For subjects Hypertendus, frequently cited, is not demonstrated 21 are reported, without mention of the dosages ingested, skin reactions and skin reactions and reactions insomnia 20.

The sequencing progresses, the DNA of Chloroplast was published in 2012 22.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Eleutherococcus Senticosus from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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