5 Graines Courge éponge, Luffa cylindrica

5 Graines Courge éponge, Luffa cylindrica

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Sponge squash, Luffa Cylindrica |

Sponge squash, Luffa Cylindrica.

5 seeds

Eponge squash (Luffa Aegyptiaca, Syn. Luffa Cylindrica) is a climbing plant from the family of Cucurbitaceae. We find this squash commonly in the East and on all markets ofOverseas[pas clair].

The fruit has two uses :

  • food : It is cooked young as zucchini or Aubergines.
  • utility : Its fruits are used once dried as Plant Eponge (Glove of CRIN) hence its nickname "A 29] Hammam". The Luffa enters the manufacture of sponges towels as well as natural toilet gloves (it must then be cut at the base and empty of its seeds through this hole). However, it must be blanched in boiling water to prevent it from becoming black for use. This sponge is an excellent exfoliant (Sensitive skin abstain).

The plant is cultivated as an annual. It is a climbing plant which will need a support or hang on (tutor, Pergola, tree or wire mesh).Fruits (3 to 6 fruits per foot) measure 25 to 55 cm at maturity. They can be consumed very young but to make them sponges, the fruit is harvested as soon as it is very ripe, the epidermis then turns from green to brown then dry up and stands out easily, revealing a " sponge sponge »White that can easily be emptied of its black seeds by shaking it.The sowing is done after the last gels (mid-May in France). The germination time can reach a month, the harvest is done in the fall.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Sponge squash from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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