30 Graines Ciste de Montpellier, Cistus monspeliensis

30 Graines Ciste de Montpellier, Cistus monspeliensis

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The CISTE DE MONTPELLIER (Cistus Monspeliensis) is a shrub of Garrigue, supporting a period of aridity and appreciating among others the soils limestone.

30 Seeds

Cistus Monspeliensis is a shrub of the family of Cistaceae of average size (between 0.5 and 1.2 M high). Its evergreen and tombbont foliage is made up of lanceolate, rough, reticulated, simple, sorted, and without net petiole. Its flowering spreads from April to June and reveals an inflorescence in Cyme UNIPARE Helicoid composed of flowers formed by 5 white petals sometimes colored with yellow at their base. The very fragrant flowers and rich in pollen attract butterflies and other insects which thus allow good pollination. The fruits of Cistus Monspeliensis are Capsules oval dehiscent to 5 valves containing many seeds. The dissemination of fruit is favored by birds and small mammals.

It is a plant whose use is fundamental to colonizing degraded and arid terrains because it adapts perfectly to the difficult conditions of the poor soils of the Garrigue as well as poor soils close to the Mediterranean coastal areas. By slowing down their erosion, it slows their desertification.

In Corsica, the Ciste of Montpellier (Mucchju Neru) settles after the degradation of the forests and maquis in particular under the repeated action of the fire. He also often settles in the ancient cultivated land or the ancient abandonment pastures1.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Cistus Monspeliensis by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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