5 Graines Noisetier commun, Coudrier, Corylus avellana

5 Graines Noisetier commun, Coudrier, Corylus avellana

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Common hazelnut, Coudrier, Corylus Avellana |

CORYLUS AVELLANA, commonly known as Noistier or Coudrier, is a  ofShrubs of 5 8 meters high and belonging to the genre Corylus and the family of Betulacées1.

 Seeds - Cold stratification for 4/5 months before sowing

The fifteen species of the genus Corylus which all give fruit to hull containing a edible almond, are also named in French " Noistier ". Two species of Corylus are indigenous in Europe, Corylus Avellana and Corylus Colurna, The “ Noisetier de Byzantium ”, present in Balkans, the Romania and the Turkey. To distinguish Corylus Avellana from others, it is generally called " common hazelnut " or " European hazelnut "2.

The common hazelnut is a spontaneous shrub throughout Europe to theand theAnatolia of the North. It is a wooden plant, hedges and gardens that gives an appreciated edible fruit, the hazelnut. He has a flexible Wood .

It has been the source of many Cultivars in Europe and Turkey who were selected from local populations of wild noisiers. A large fruit variety is sometimes called " Avelinier .

Turkey has long been the world's leading producer and exporter of hazelnuts, with 67 % of world production in 2017. In second position comes Italy, with 13 %. The Hazelnut sector is also well developed in United States and in China, two countries where Corylus Avellana is not native.

The roots of the hazelnut live in symbiosis with mushrooms, in particular the Truffe. The Oak is sometimes preferred to the hazelnut for the culture of truffles.

The flexible branches of the cuddrier are used for the dores to detect the presence of water.

Wood easy to cut, flexible and resistant. Used formerly in Vannerie, in cooperage, Cannes manufacturing and Travers).

With its bushy port, the hazelnut can form very beautiful useful hedges in Vergers. Indeed, it has the advantage of serving excellent ramparts against the wind, from refuge to small animals while providing them with quality diet thanks to its hazelnuts. The hazelnut, like elderly, is the host of a specific aphid. These aphids do not influence others fruit trees but nourish a diversified population of potentially active auxiliaries against the parasites of orchards.

This hazelnut is little used in phytotherapy and yet it has Medicinal uses (Leaves26 Macerated or infused, kittens, bark in decoction, fruits or branches) for Properties deemed to be weight loss, antihemorrhagic, antisudoral, deputy, astringent, febrifuge, vaso-constrichers. It was therefore used against fevers, obesity, varicose veins, phlebitis, edema, epistaxis, certain skin problems and to treat wounds27,28.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Corylus Avellana from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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