20 Graines Figuier de Barbarie, Opuntia ficus-indica

20 Graines Figuier de Barbarie, Opuntia ficus-indica

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Barbarism fig, Opuntia ficus-line |

The Barbary figure (opuntia ficus-line) is a kind of Plant of the family of Cactaceae, originally from Mexico, which has naturalized in other continents, notably the Mediterranean basin and in South Africa and North Africa. This is one of the two species producing Fruit edible called Barbary Fig1The prickly fig tree is one of the 100 worst invasive species according to UICN. But it is not the species opuntia ficus-line, cultivated, which spreads without control, but other species like opuntia stricta. This species belongs to the subfamily of OPUNTIOIDEAE, tribe of OPANTIEAEVernacular names : India fig tree, nopal.

20 seeds - Rusticity: - 5 ° C

It is a tree plant that can reach 3 to 5 meters high. His organization in Cladodes, commonly called " rackets ", is special. The cladodes are modified stems of flattened shape, from 30 to 40 CM long out of 15 at 25 CM wide and 1.5 at 3 CM thick. United to each other, they tend to form branches. Those of the base are lignifient to train beyond the fourth year of growth a real trunk.

These cladodes ensure the Chlorophyllian position in place of the leaves, and are covered with a Coticale Céreuse (the Cutinagainst predators.

The barbarism fig is cultivated mainly for the production of fruit. It is also cultivated for the production of nopalitos (young cladodes consumed as vegetables in Mexico) or marginally for the breeding of the cochineal dactylopius coccus, for the production of a red dye , in the Canary Islands8.

It requires a warm climate and a very sunny exposure. He prefers a filtering and well -drained soil, of pH neutral.

The multiplication can be done either by sowing, or by Bouture, starting from cladodes aged one to two years.

The size, to be executed in the spring or the end of summer, is used to prevent contact between cladodes, as well as to eliminate those who are malformed or damaged.

To improve the yield, it is appropriate to bring a fertilization phospho-Potassic, preferably organic.

In irrigated cultivation, a yield of 250 to 300 quintals of fruit per hectare can be obtained.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Barbarism fig from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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