10 Graines Santoline petit-cyprès, Santolina chamaecyparissus

10 Graines Santoline petit-cyprès, Santolina chamaecyparissus

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The Santoline Petit Cypress (Santolina Chamaecyparisus) also called " Sanguenite "1 is a sub-armrisseau of the family of Asteraceae belonging to the genre Santolina. In France, it is native of the Mediterranean region2 and planted or subpontaneous elsewhere. The most fragrant and most used Santoline (gartoufa) grows in the Algerian desert. It is better known and used in the soups of the sacred month of Ramadan, particularly in the regions of El Bayadh and Béchar.

10 seeds

The grayish leaves are divided into numerous lobes like those of a cypress. The flowers are yellow.

In the Algerian soup of the regions of El Bayadh and Béchar, the Santoline is used ground, it can only be used in the soup (Harira).

Santoline Petit-Cyae has many potential uses. Most often, flowers and leaves are transformed into a decoction used to expel intestinal parasites3.

An oil used in perfumery can also be extracted from the plant. The branches can be suspended in cabinets to repel the mites4, and the leaves are also appropriate for rotten pot and in jackets of plant tobacco.

In cosmetics, it is used as a tonic.


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