30 Graines Jasmin De Virginie, Bignone Orange, Campsis Radicans

30 Graines Jasmin De Virginie, Bignone Orange, Campsis Radicans

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Virginia jasmine, orange bignone, radical campsis |

Orange radical camps, Virginia jasmine. 

30 Seeds - Average germination: 5% -  Advice: cold stratification 4 ° C for 60 days before sowing.

Young plant photo: cold stratification 1 month

Campsis Radicans, the Virginia trumpet, or Bignone or even Jasmine de Virginie or Jasmin-Trompette or Jericho trumpet, is a species of lianes climbing family of bignoniacae, originally from the south-east of United States.

It is a Arbrisseau Robust Sarmentean cultivated like Orneal plant for its orange trumpet flowers which flowers from July to September. Rarely parasitized or sick, it resists remarkably with heat and drought, which can grow up to one meter per year.

The Leaves are deciduous, toothed, dark green, lanceolate (compounds from 7 to 11 oval leaflets[réf. nécessaire]). The stems have the particularity of emitting adventitative roots (hence its Latin name from Radicans) in the form of crampons which allow the plant to fix the supports (tree or wall) that it covers By climbing it.

The flowers flourish from July to September, on the branches of the year. The Inflorescences are made up of terminal bouquets (Cymes) composed from 4 to 12 flowers[réf. nécessaire] red or orange in the shape of a trumpet. It is a flower very visited by the Colibris (Birds).

After fertilization, the flower gives birth to a brown capsule of about fifteen cm[réf. nécessaire] which can contain up to 700 winged seeds which can make this liana a invasive plant2 under adequate climate. Its invasive character also manifests itself by the issue of Drageons.

There are many cultivars of this liana.

Campsis Radicans is very rustic (USDA zone 4B[réf. nécessaire], against a wall or with winter protection) but must be planted in full sun and out of cold and drying winds.

He is tolerant on a soil which he prefers deep, rich and well drained, but however supports limestone and periods of drought once in place.

Reproduced by Sowing (in the middle with a day/night temperature alternation, ideally 30 - 20 ° C) after a Vernisation of at least 15 days. Cover slightly because the seed will not raise if it is not slightly exposed to the Photoperiod. Quick lifting.

It can be grafted on Catalpa3.

The spatting is carried out by fixing on the ground a rampant branch. Separation to the mother plant can be done the year following the rooting.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Campsis Radicans by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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