50 Graines Ornithopus sativus , serradelle, common birdsfoot

50 Graines Ornithopus sativus , serradelle, common birdsfoot

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Ornithopus sativus, serradelle, Common Birdsfoot | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Ornithopus sativus , the Serradelle or Pied d'Oiseau Common , is a species of flower plants in the family of Fabaceae . [2] He is from the southwest of Europe and North West Africa in Portugal, western Spain, northern Morocco and Algeria and Southwest of France and has been introduced as fodder of legumes in many places in the world, including most of central and eastern Europe, Turkey, Caucasus, Azores, South Africa, Kenya, Java , most of Australia, Northern Island of New Zealand, southern Chile and California. [1] [3]It is known to produce high quality fodder in very acidic soils and poor in nutrients.

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