30 Graines Arbre aux papillons, Buddleja davidii

30 Graines Arbre aux papillons, Buddleja davidii

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Butterfly tree, David Buddleia, Buddleja Davidii |

The David Buddleia (Buddleja Davidii), also called Buddleia of Father David or more commonly Butterfly Tree, is a shrub Nectarifer and a Pioneer species present in all the temperate regions of the world.

30 seeds - very fine seeds

Originally from China1, Fertile type variety has been marketed and located in numerous gardens until the end of XXe century before being supplanted by hybrid varieties marketed as being sterile. It gradually was naturalized in the rest of the temperate zone from XIXe century and has become an invasive exotic species in many regions of the world. David's buddleia, asPioneer species, colonizes the poor in organic matter, urban and peri -urban wasteland, the edges of roads, railways and more broadly artificial environments2. Heliophile and in short lifespan, it does not resist competition from higher plants once the process of plant succession triggered2.

The natural species is in China, a shrub from 0.5 to 5 M high, with almost quadrangular stems. The young twigs are whitish with pubescence with starred hairs.

The leaves are deciduous or semi-caduca (they persist for a long time in winter, and the shrub can remain only a few weeks defended), opposite, green or grayish, closely oval, closely elliptical, from 4 to 20 CM Long, on 0.3 to 7.5 CM Large9 (Chinese data for wild species, Cultivars can Be of larger sizes, with different foliar forms), dental margins, with short petiole (1–5 mm), with acuminate apex and cuneiform base.

The inflorescences are terminal, apparently races or cymes thyrsoids, of 4–30 cm long on 2–5 CM of diameter. The flower 4-Mère is made up of a Camper Campanule of 2–3.5 MM with 4 tightly triangular lobes, of a corolla formed by A closely cylindrical tube of 6–12 MM, flared at the end in four lobes, purple lilac color with orange yellow throat, of 4 stamens inserted in the middle near the base of the Corolle tube , at Anthers Oblongues, from 0.8 to 1.2 MM and ovoid ovary. The flowers are very pleasantly scented, some people can however find the foul smell, especially at the end of flowering.

Flowering spreads from May to early October15.

The fruit is a capsule Brown from 2 to 4 MM long, long wings at the ends9.

The shrub has a fairly short lifespan (a few decades, the highest age recorded is 37 years16, which does not exclude the existence of older trees ).

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Buddleia by David by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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