10 Graines Viorne obier, Boule de neige, Viburnum opulus

10 Graines Viorne obier, Boule de neige, Viburnum opulus

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VIORNE OBIER, snowball, viburnum opulus |

The VIORNE OBIER (Viburnum opulus), formerly also said Wood with Atrueille1, is a shrub with deciduous leaves and Palmées, belonging to the family of Adoxaceae.

Other common names : Rose de Gueldre, Obier, Viorne Aubier, Aubier, snowball for cultivar Roseum.

10 seeds - Rusticity: - 15 ° C - Cold stratification 2/3 months before sowing

High from 1 to 4 M, the viorne obier has lobed leaves which reach 5 to 11 CM of length.

The white flowers form large umbels from May to July to July with small and fertile central flowers and large sterile exterior flowers.

The fruits are Red Bays a little smelly at maturity, considered as non-edible, but used in traditional medicines as a toni-cardiac.

The cultivar " snowball " (viburnum opulus 'roseum') whose all the flowers are white (in opposition to its scientific name) is often planted in parks and gardens ; All its flowers are sterile and similar to the peripheral flowers of the wild variety2.

This plant contains an alkaloid, the Lycorine. The cooked fruits would be consumable, but raw (and especially green), they would cause low -dose digestive disorders and high -dose neurological and cardiac disorders.8 In mice, LD50 (lethal dose for 50% of individuals) is 5.4 g of dry leaves/kg9.

It is advisable to consider this plant as weakly toxic10.

Obier plays a big role in the Slavic tradition. His Russian name, калина (Kalina), is at the origin of the famous song Kalinka (literally " Petite Baie de Obier ") because he is In particular the symbol of love, which is found in many tales and songs12.

In Ukraine, it is also a national symbol : the song Oh the Red Obier in the Prairie was written in 1914 for a military unit formed in the west of the country , Fusiliers de la Sitch. The song was later taken up by theUkrainian insurrectionary army and is again famous in 2022, following theInvasion of Ukraine by Russia Thanks to the singer and lyricist of the Ukrainian rock group BoomboxAndriy Khlyvnyuk, and remixed in particular by Pink Floyd under the title Hey Hey Rise Up.

The Tales and Bylines Russians frequently mention " Pont d'Obier " (Kalinoviy Most), which crosses the " Rivière de Cassis "or" Rivière de Feu "13, and on which battles take place. Obier wood, fragile, appearing little intended for the manufacture of bridges, it seems that this expression is reserved for wonderful tales, with a particular symbolic sense (the bridge connecting the world of living and the world of the dead). The term would in fact not have any relation to the obier, but with the verb phonetically neighboring Kalit ' , " Heat red " ; The two terms sharing the reference to the red color, color of the bays of the obier14. The Princess Kalina of Bulgaria is an example of a personality bearing the traditional Kalina first name.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article VIORNE OBIER from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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