20 Graines coriandre longue, Eryngium foetidum

20 Graines coriandre longue, Eryngium foetidum

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long coriander, Chinese coriander, eryngium fetidum | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Eryngium fetidum, called in French Long Coriander, Chinese Coriander, Fetide Panicaut and many other names, is a PerennialA10] Scented herbaceous of the family of Apiaceae. Its taste is close to that of coriander, but more pronounced and more resistant to Cooking and DESCCCATION. Originally from tropical America, it is now cultivated in many tropical countries, and especially throughoutSoutheast Asia, where it is easier to cultivate than coriander. It is also cultivated under temperate climates such as an annual plant (it resists negative temperatures up to -12 degrees).

20 seeds 

A qualitative analysis of the leaves has demonstrated the presence of Tanins and Saponin, as well as some Flavonoids ; No alkaloid has yet been reported1. Thecaféic acid, theChlorogenic acid (CGA) and the Kaempferol were among the phenolic compounds found in the leaves D 'E. FOETIDUM.

It is mainly used as aromatic grass, while in Central America It is also used for its medicinal virtues3. Eryngium fetidum is widely used inseasoning and Marinades in Caribbean, particularly at Cuba, in Dominican Republic, at Puerto Rico, at Trinité-et-Tobago, at Salvador, at Panama, AU Costa Rica, in Guyana, in Suriname, in Ecuador and in the Amazonian regions. It is also widely used as a culinary grass in Cambodge, in Thailand, in India, in Nepal, at Vietnam, at Laos, at Myanmar, in the southwest of China and in other parts of tropical Asia.

It is used in Vietnam under the name of NGO GAI, especially in the soup Pho (Pasta soup with rice with beef or chicken) ; And in Cambodia, where it is called ជីររណា រ រ រ រ រ រ chir orn or ជីរ សង្កើច សង្កើច សង្កើច សង្កើច chirkeuch in many soups and salads khmer, or phak chi farang in Thailand (Thai : ผัก ชีฝรั่ง), which means Coriander Farang.

It is called Zèb a Fè or Blessed Charte In Creole of French Antilles (Iron grass or Blessed Charton, improperly considered as a thistle of the Asteraceae family , without there being any link with this family apart from certain aspects), Zèb La Fév in Guyana, Mexican Coriander, Long Coriander, Sawtooth Coriander in North America, Culantro de Coyote at Costa Rica, Culantro or Recao in Puerto Rico, Chicoria in Brazil where it is an essential component of soup TACACá, and PATO NO TUCUPI (Duck in Tucupi, cassava juice).

It is sometimes used as a substitute for coriander leaves, nevertheless comprising a stronger taste. Unlike the coriander, Eryngium Fetidum dries well, retaining a good color and a good flavor, which makes it precious in the dried herbs industry.

Eryngium fetidum was used in traditional medicine in tropical regions for burns, ear ailments, fever,Hypertensionconstipation, crises,asthma, stomach aches, verses, complications ofinfertility, the snake bitesDIARRHÉE and Malaria1.

Eryngium fetidum is also known as E. Antihystericum4. The specific anti-hysterium name reflects the fact that this plant has traditionally been used forepilepsy5. It is said that the plant calms the " spirit " of a person and thus prevents the " adjustments " epileptics, so it is known by the common names Spiritweed and Fitweed. The anticonvulsant properties of this plant have been scientifically studied6Decoctions are led to leaves of anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in rat7.

Eryngial is an isolated chemical compound. FOETIDUM8. The University of Antilles in Mona, in Jamaica, has studied the use of eryngial as the treatment of human infection at Strongyloides stercoralis (Strongyloidiasis).

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