10 Graines Viorne de Ichang, Viburnum ichangense

10 Graines Viorne de Ichang, Viburnum ichangense

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10 Seeds 

The viornes are shrubs or small trees belonging to the gender viburnum. This genus, formerly classified among the Caprifoliaceae, is today part of the family of Adoxaceae, rowed in the order of Dipsacales by the APG II classification (While the APG I classification was content to locate it in the Euasterid II, without including it in an order).

They are shrubs frequently planted in the gardens for the decorative aspect of their flowers and their fruit, the latter being often very appreciated by birds. There are between 150 and 220 species worldwide.

The name Viburnum, also written Viburna, already designated VIORNE among the Romans. It could come from the verb Vieo (= bind, tie, braid), the branches of certain species having often been used for the making of coarse links. For this use, viorne is called Ribatya in Algeria, Ribat meaning "link". Very straight releases have often been used to make arrow barrels.

  • Simple opposite leaves with opposite, generally tooth, whole or lobed leaves.
  • Flowers arranged in Cymes Multiparous (false umbels).
  • Hermaphrodite flowers. Calice and Corolle Tubuled, both with 5 lobes. 5 stamens, 3 stigmata (not developed styles).
  • The fruits are Bays Unilocular and monosperms.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article VIORNE by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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