10 Graines Arbre à miel, Euodia daniellii, Tetradium daniellii

10 Graines Arbre à miel, Euodia daniellii, Tetradium daniellii

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Honey tree, eodia daniellii, tetradium daniellii |

TheHoney Tree, Tetradium Daniellii, is a species oftrees originating in the mountains of the north of the china. It is appreciated for its fragrant flowering very Meliferous in Panicles Cream and for its lush foliage. It is still quite rare in France. His name " Tetradium " comes from Greek " Tetradion " which means " Quater " referring to the shape of the flowers. His old name (before 1981) ofEUODIA (sometimes Evodia, due to a spell error) comes from the Greek which designates a good odor. He is also called Daniel tetradium or Daniel.

10 seeds - direct sowing at 18 ° C

This tree Dioic very rustic (-25 ° C), fast growing (50 cm per year in good conditions), stands up to 20 m high and forms a wide crown of 5 m of diameter. His gray bark recalls that of the Beech.

The imparipennated opposite deciduous foliage, without stipulates, a measure 15 to 40 cm long and consists of 5 to 11 oval leaflets, pointed to both ends, with wavy margin. The leaflets are approximately 5 to 18 centimeters long and 3 to 10 centimeters wide. The blade is tinged with a pretty dark green varnished on the top with a bluish velvety reverse. It contains secretive glands visible to the naked eye that gives it a stubborn appearance and a slight aroma with rustling. This character is found in other members of the Rutaceae Rutacea as the Rue and the Citrus. The foliage yellows before falling in the fall.

The honey tree carries branches (in terminal and axillary position) of corymbes 10-15 cm wide, red or pourpres in buttons which deploy clouds of small very fragrant cream flowers at the end spring and especially at the end of July and first half of August. Flowering is capable of continuing until the end of summer in temperate regions.

The flowers are unisexual and have 4 or 5 sepales (0.5 to 1.5 cm) and 4 or 5 whitish petals with the same number ofstamens for male flowers. The Pistil female flowers is framed by nectarifers discs and the carpelles contain 1 or 2 OVULES.

After fertilization, the corymbes, made up of follicles from 2 to 8 mm, take a bright red color revealing the 2-3 mm black shiny seeds. These oleaginous seeds with a beak remain attached to the follicles and are very popular with birds that feed on it around mid-December. They also serve to produce an oil used in cooking and for hair in Korea. Please note, several other species of Tetradium have toxic seeds.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Tetradium Daniellii by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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