20 Graines Genêt en Ombelle jaune, Genista umbellata

20 Graines Genêt en Ombelle jaune, Genista umbellata

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Genêt in yellow umbel, Genista Umbellata |

Genista Umbellata It is a species of shrub belonging to the family of the Fabaceae .

20 Seeds - Stratification with hot water 90 ° C 5 seconds, then pour very cold water, Let the seeds soak in the water 24 hours before sowing.

It is a legume which reaches a size of up to 1.5 m in height. very branched from the base, with alternate, opposite or fasciculated branches, erected permanent. stems at 10-14 TVs in the shape of T. The lower leaves of young plants are trifoliolated, the other unifoliolated, stipulated, alternate and opposite; Stipulated organ directed by 3 confluent ribs at the Apex. The Inflorescences are terminal, with 5-30 flowers of 9-14 mm, yellow, pedicellated or sub-sieges, with 1 bract and 2 bracts on the pedicel. Chalice of 4.5-7 (7.5) mm, Campanule, Bilabié, Villeux or Serous, with a shorter tube than the lips. Corollewith the standard almost the size of the keel, both oily or hairy. Stamens 10, Monadelphia. Serous or city ovary, with 3-6 seminal basics; glabrous style, arched with apex; Capité, extrorse or subterminal stigma. Fruit 8-24 × 3.7-4.5 (6) mm, oblong, slightly flattened and torless, serious or hairy, silver, 2-4 seeds. Number of Chromosomes : 2N = 46, 48.

https://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=gista_Umbellata&Oldid = 133673931

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