15 Graines Phytolacca acinosa, Raisin d’Amerique

15 Graines Phytolacca acinosa, Raisin d’Amerique

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Phytolacca Acinosa Roxb, Shang Lu, Indian Poke |

Phytolacca Acinosa is a kind of plants from the family of phytolaccaceae.

It is fromAsia Eastern and is naturalized in Europe and in North America, following old cultures for food use.

This species is distinguished from the grape of America by the following characters :

  • 8 Stamens (instead of 10)
  • 8 Carpelles separated (instead of 10 coalescent carpels forming a maturity bay)

The young shoots and the fruits of this species are edible, hence the name Esculenta given by Van Houtte. Fruit juice was once used as a food coloring, for example to color low quality wine.

15 seeds - height: 1.5 m -  germination in 30/40 days

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Phytolacca Acinosa by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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