Graines Épine-du-Christ, Paliure épine-du-Christ

Graines Épine-du-Christ, Paliure épine-du-Christ

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Jujube of Palestine, Épine-du-Christ, Paliurus Spina-Christi |

Paliurus spina-christi , commonly called thorn of Jerusalem , Epine de Garlande , Epine du Christ or Crown of thorns , is a species of Paliurus originating in Mediterranean region and South West and Asia Centrale, du Maroc and from Spain up to Iran and Tadjikistan.

15 seeds - cold stratification 2/3 months before sowing 

It is a shrub with deciduous leaves or a small Tree reaching 3 to 4 m high. The shoots are in zigzag, with an leaf and two Thorns Stipular (a right, a curved) outside each fold. The leaves are oval, 2–5 cm long and 1–4 cm wide, shiny green, with an entire margin. The Fruit is a dry dryer centered on a circular wing of 2–3.5 cm in diameter.

As the Latin name suggests and by an ancient oral tradition précision nécessaire ] , the thorny branches of this shrub served supposedly to make the crown of thorns placed on the head of Christ before his crucifixion. Ziziphus spina-Christi , the thorn jujube of Christ, is also identified as being used for the crown of thorns.

It is considered to be an ornamental curiosity and is cultivated in certain regions outside its original distribution area, including Fiji .

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