5 Graines Polygale à feuilles de myrte, Polygala myrtifolia

5 Graines Polygale à feuilles de myrte, Polygala myrtifolia

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Polygal myrtle leaves, myrtifolia polygala |

Polygala Myrtifolia, the polygal with myrtle leaves, is a species of Flower plants Dicotyledons of the Family of Polygalaceae, originally fromSouth Africa. This species is cultivated as ornamental plant in the regions of Mediterranean climate. It was naturalized in Oceania and in the south ofEurope.

5 seeds - direct sowing at 20/25 ° C - Rusticity: - 2 ° C

Leaves : Small, elongated, persistent, light green on the bottom and darker green on the top

Flowers : purple, rosé, exceptional flowering all year round except in hot weather

Port : rounded, very branched

Adult size : 1.50 meter at 2 meters

Sol : Well drained

Exhibition : Sun

Rusticity : leaves damaged at -2 ° C, death of the foot at -5 ° C

This species is fromSouth Africa. Son Original distribution area has extends from Bokkevelld Mountains near Clanwilliam, in the Cap-Western, to Kwazulu-Natal. Introduced in different countries such as Ornamental plant, it was established in Australia (Victoria) and in New Zealand It is considered Like bad grass in these two countries1. It is also found in California and Southern Europe.

It is commonly encountered in the dunes, on the rocky slopes, in the forests, along the streams, as well as in the brush and open meadows2.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Polygala Myrtifolia by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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