Graines Épine-vinette, Berberis vulgaris subsp. australis

Graines Épine-vinette, Berberis vulgaris subsp. australis

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Spine-Vinette, Vinettier, Berberis Vulleis Subp. Australis |

Berberis Vulgaris Subp. Australis

15 seeds - Cold stratification 3 months - Sowing at 12/14/1 -  Rusticity: - 20 ° C
The Vinettier or theSpine-Vinette (Berberis vulgaris) is a kind of shrubs from the Berbéridaceae family. In France, from XIXe century, spine-vinette has been frequently eradicated because it is an intermediate host in the cycle of the Black rust of wheat, a pathogenic cereal mushroom. However, it remains present in the limestone hillsides of a large northern half of France1.

Berberis, Arabic name of the fruit of the plant ; It would mean shell because the hollow petals are in the shape of a shell. VINETTE is the vulgar name ofOSEILLE whose leaves recall the taste.

Spine-Vinette is a semi-personal, thorny, very branched deciduous shrub, reaching 1.5 to 3 meters high. Its yellowish and wrinkled branches wear trifurcated thorns.
Its oval leaves, finely serrated, glabrous, alternate and fasciculated, are light green above and glaucous on the reverse2.

Inflorescences consist of clusters of small golden yellow flowers hatching from April to June.
Their Stamine has an opening in two valves resembling erect ears ; When an insect affects its base, the cheese folds down to Pistil to ensure the fertilization of the latter3.

Fruits are red berries, more or less pruineuses, generally measuring 7 to 12 MM long and 3 to 5 mm wide. The bunches generally have eight to fifteen berries. Fruit production tends to Alternate4. Its longevity is 25 to 50 years. This plant is melliferous (nectar and pollen)5.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Spine-Vinette by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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