20 Graines Tulipier du Gabon, Spathodea campanulata

20 Graines Tulipier du Gabon, Spathodea campanulata

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Tulipier of Gabon, Spathodea Campanulata |

Tulipier of Gabon, Spathodea Campanulata is from South Africa, it can reach 20 meters in height. It is among the most beautiful shrubs in the tropics. The flowers of the African tulips are spectacular, Cis petals are bright orange in red, whose edges are wavy and contrasting.

20 Seeds - Average germination: 30% in 20 to 30 days - Sowing direct 

The Tulipier of Gabon (Spathodea Campanulata) is a species oftrees of the family of Bignoniaceae Origin D 'Africa.

This species is widely used as ornamental tree in the tropical region due to the beauty of its flowering and its ease of adaptation to different environments. It is reproduced by very light winged seeds and represents for native flora a very serious threat like invasive plant.

This species is among the 100 most invasive exotic species in the world established by the IUCN1.


General aspect

Spathodea Campanulata is a tree medium -sized reaching a height of 10 to 35 m, with deciduous foliage, forming a dense, dark, sometimes slightly flattened crown. The trunk can reach 60 cm in diameter. TheBark is first smooth, clear, gray-brown in color, then as aging becomes scaly, cracked vertically and horizontally, darker color8.


The Leaves Caduques, opposite or verticed by 3, are made up of imparipenées and have 9 to 15 sessile or briefly petiolated leaflets. The limb of leaflets is elliptical in oval, acuminate, measuring 7 to 16 cm long by 3 to 7 cm wide8.


The Flowers, large and clairical, zygomorphs, are red-scabs, yellow-orange inside, are grouped in Racème Terminal. We know a variety with yellow flowers9. The green calyx, ribbed and tomenty, is split on the posterior side and measures about 1 cm long. The corolla has 5 petals welded in tube at the base. The stamens, 4 in number, inserted on the corolla tube, have an orange filament. The style has a 2 lip stigma. The curved floral buttons contain a red sap.


The fruit is a capsule dehiscent, woody, erect, of elongated ellipsoid shape (similar to a pod), which measures 15 to 27 cm long on × 3.5–7 cm. Blackish brown in color, it opens with two valves with the characteristic shape of " fisherman's boat ", releasing many seeds. These, fine and flattened, are approximately 2 cm in diameter and are surrounded by a translucent wing. A bunch of flowers generally produces 1 to 4 capsules9.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Tulipier du Gabon by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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