3 Graines d'Amandier, Prunus dulcis

3 Graines d'Amandier, Prunus dulcis

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Amandier, prunus dulcis, prunus amygdalus |

TheAmandier (Prunus Dulcis) is a kind of trees in the family of Rosaceae, whose pink white flowers appear before the leaves . It is the first fruit tree to flower at the end of thewinter, a period when it can freeze again in the morning. It produces a fleshy nucleus fruit (or Drupe) whose flesh becomes dry at maturity and opens into two valves, releasing a nucleus containing an almond .

3 seeds - Average germination: 80% - Cold stratifging for 2-3 Month before sowing

From theAntiquity, the tree, first domesticated in Near East to produce almonds Sweet, was cultivated throughout the perimeter Mediterranean before being, in modern times, in many arid regions of the world where it adapts well. California has become the world's leading producer.

The almond tree is one of the Symbols of love and virginity1: the flowers appearing long before the leaves, each Rameau Then completely white, thus evoking a wedding dress.

The genus Amygdalus of Linné (or the sub-genre Amygdalus of the genus prunus, De Rehder 1940) contains 26 species of " Amandiers " and a long list of spontaneous interspecific hybrids2. The species of almond trees of the (sub) genre amygdalus L. flourish before the appearance of the leaves and give fruits including the pericarp (the ecalen 1) dry at maturity And opens into two valves that separate from the hard core. The wild almond trees tested were found self-incompatible. To distinguish in French these wild almond trees from the cultivated almond tree, we will also name the latter Common Amandier (in accordance with Basionme Amygdalus Communis of Linné).

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Amandier by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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