20 Graines Eucalyptus cordata, Gommier argenté

20 Graines Eucalyptus cordata, Gommier argenté

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Eucalyptus Cordata, silver gommier |

EucalyptusCordata is a species ofEucalyptus Australian of medium size with smooth, white, green, violet, gray or verdate bark. The young leaves are sessile, opposite, enclosing the rod, serrated, round or heart-shaped, 10 cm on 8 cm, green-gray, glaucous; The stems are square in the cut. Adult leaves are petiolate, lanceolate, 13 CM on 3.5 CM, concoloral, gray-green or glaucous. The buds are arranged by three on the axils of the leaves, are sessile or very little petiolated, glaucous, 1 cm on 0.6 cm; The base is cylindrical; The beak opercule is flattened.

The flowers are white and appear in the middle of winter and early spring.

Eucalyptus Cordata is endemic in Tasmania in a restricted distribution area in the Southeast at an intermediate altitude, as at the foot of Mont Wellington, to Port Arthur and Moogara. The tree is an ornamental tree with its large glaucous leaves for young people, which often persist in the crown.

20 seeds -  Medium germination: 40%

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