5 Graines Styrax du Japon, Styrax japonica

5 Graines Styrax du Japon, Styrax japonica

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Japan Styrax, bell shrub, Styrax Japanica |

Styrax Japanicus, or Styrax of Japan, is a species of trees from genus styrax, from the family  Styracaceae.

5 seeds - Hot stratification 18/20 ° C for 2 months then cold stratification for 4 months - Rusticity: - 10 ° C

Styrax Japanicus is commonly called Japan Styrax in French -speaking countries3,4, and Japanese Snowbell or Japanese Storax in English -speaking countries5.6. In Japan, he is named Ego No Ki75.9. Styrax Japanicum and Styrax Japanica are sometimes scientific names associated with the Styrax of Japan.

Styrax Japanicus is a tree with deciduous leaves which can measure from 8 to 10 m high4. Its leaves, dark green, oblong and finely toothed, are alternate, measure between 4 and 8 cm, and become yellow and red in the fall period. Its branches support purple branches11. Each year, around the beginning of summer, from flowers, white, campanulated, fragrant and yolk stamens, appear in small clusters hanging. Fruits, Drupes of about 1 cm long and ovoid, mature in September, and brown before falling on the ground4,5.

This styrax species exists in the form of bonsai10, and, in Japan, is appreciated for its flowering in the practice of Niwaki5.

The Styrax of Japan is fromAsia East : China, Japan, and Korea, andSouth South Asia -Sest : Philippines4,5. It grows in the plains and on mountain slopes5 (mountain floor, from 400 to 1 800 M Altitude12).

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Styrax Japanicus from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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