2 Graines Arbre aux pagodes, Sophora microphylla, kōwhai

2 Graines Arbre aux pagodes, Sophora microphylla, kōwhai

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Pagoda tree, Sophora microphylla, kōwhai |

Sophora microphylla , common name kōwhai , is a species of flower plant of the family of fabaceae, Originally from New Zealand. reaching 8 m (26 ft) high and wide, it is a persistent leaf shrub or a small tree. Each sheet measures 10 cm (4 in) long with up to 40 pairs of shiny oval leaflets. At the beginning of spring, he produced many clusters of yellow flowers resembling peas. 

2 seeds - Rusticity: - 10 ° C

Other common names include Kōwhai weeping and Kōwhai with small leaves . It is also called South Island Kowhai although this name is misleading because it is widespread throughout New Zealand, including northern island, although less common in Northland.

The Specific epithet Microphylla means "with small leaves". [2] S. Microphylla has smaller leaves (about 3–6 mm long by 2–5 mm wide) and flowers (1.8-5.0 cm long), [3] that Other well -known species Sophora Tetraptera (Kōwhai with large leaves) .

When the young S. Microphylla has a Busing and divaricing growth with many intertwined branches, which begins to disappear as the tree ages. [4]

The Cultivar Sun King 'Hilsop' won the Prix du Merite du Jardin de la Royal Horticultural Society . [5] [6]

His nectar is toxic to the bee. 

Studies on dried vegetation accumulated during the pre-human period of the Holocene Middle to Tardif suggest a low forest ecosystem Sophora microphylla in The center of the 'Otago which was used and perhaps maintained by Birds Moa Géants, both for nesting and food. Neither the forests nor the MOAs existed when the European settlers arrived in the region in the 1850s. 


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