20 Graines Sapin bleu, Picea pungens glauca

20 Graines Sapin bleu, Picea pungens glauca

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Blue fir, blue spruce of colorado, picea pungens glauca |

Blue fir, Picea Pungens Glauca, Bluespruce, or Blue spruce or Bleu Épricéa of Colorado (Picea Pungens Engelm.), Sometimes called Blue Fir, is a conifer fromNorth America, of which there are several Cultivars frequently planted in gardens and parks. It is a tree with a harmonious port, often perfectly conical, remarkable for its bluish needles (in fact, pale turquoise), present on the annual growth of its branches. Its needles are quite spicy hence the specific epithet Pungens meaning " spicy " in Latin. Blue spicea is often used as Christmas tree.

Photo Young Blue Fir Plant Direct Sowing, under greenhouse 20/24 ° C.

20 Seeds - Medium germination: 70% - Rustic up to -40 ° C

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