20 Graines Rhubarbe, Rheum Rhaponticum

20 Graines Rhubarbe, Rheum Rhaponticum

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Rhubarb Victoria, rheum rhaponticum | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

RHEUM, rhubarb3, is a genre of Plants Herbaceae VIVACES de la Family of Polygonaceae. It includes around fiftyspecies, in particular the rhubarb of the gardens, RHEUM RHABARBARUM or RHEUM X Hybridum, including Pétioles des des Leaves, or rhubarb sticks, are consumed, most often cooked, in pies, jam, compote or as a vegetable.

20 seeds

Rhubarb is well provided in Vitamin C (12 MG/100 g), it thus has tonic and anti -American properties. It is very laxative thanks to its richness in fiber and is used as Purgative, close toAloes and Séné. The active ingredients are derivatives ofAnthraquinone and their Glucosids which increase the peristaltic movements of colon.

Rhubarb brings minerals, some in large quantities like potassium and Phosphorus, and some in smaller quantity, but nevertheless interesting like Magnesium and Calcium.

The substance secreted by its root is appreciated for its antiseptic action on the problems of liver. In addition, rhubarb is a good anti-inflammatory for oral mucous membranes.

The roots of rhubarb contain rhaponticosides, derived from Stilbène18, at the origin of the properties veinotonic of the plant. at XXe century, Hans Thoueille and Adolf Petermann prescribed them for the treatment of varicose veins.[réf. nécessaire]

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