Graines Phacelia tanacetifolia (1 gramme)

Graines Phacelia tanacetifolia (1 gramme)

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Tansia leaf phacelia, Phacelia tanacetifolia |

The Phacelia with leaves of Tansie (Phacelia tanacetifolia) is a herbaceous plant Annual family of Hydrophyllacées (BORAGINACEAE According to Phylogenetic classification).

Originally from the north of Mexico and South of California, this plant is particularly interesting in Agriculture and Beekeeping.

1 gram (approx. 400 seeds)

The Rod full and rigid, covered with steep and fairly thick hairs, which can reach one meter, is tinged with red. Its root system is dense.

The Leaves, alternate, are deeply divided and recall those of the Tansie (Tanecetum).

The flowers very scented are grouped in inflorescences Scorpioids (in the shape of a butt which takes place gradually as the development of small flowers of 1 CM which starts from the top) tight of the genre Cyme. The floral elements have blue-lavender shades ; These are the five stamens and the two styles that clearly emerge from the Corolle to five petals. Narrow Calice with sepales Poilus.

The flowering period is in the spring and can be extended until the fall.

The fruit are small dehiscent capsules containing two to four small black seeds (3 mm long).

The phacelia has a quadruple interest in agriculture :

  • its flowers particularly attract Syrphides (Helophiles), the Carabes, the Bombyles and the Aphelinidae which nourish aphids present around6. We have planted, around certain fields, phacery to reduce the number of aphids.
  • excellent Meliferous plant, phacelia also attracts bees which are agents of Pollinization which can be useful to neighboring plants. By sowing continuously from May to the end of summer, you can also obtain continuous flowering from July to fall. The honey of Phacelia is very fragrant.
  • in autumn the plant constitutes a good Green fertilizer. Phacelia as green fertilizers is sometimes sown in combination with other species, for example, with the buckwheat at the rate of 8 kg/ha of phacelia for 40 kg/ha of buckwheat or with the LUPIN 5 kg/ha of phacelia for 150 kg/ha of Lupine7. When it is planted on large expanses it has the property of eliminating weeds such as Chiendent.
  • phacelia, sown between the ranks of young people Pommiers and Poirs, half reduced the mortality of young trees in the year of serious winter damage8. Phacelia as a ground cover also has a favorable effect on the growth of young apple trees9. We must take care to prevent the flowering periods of fruit trees and phacelie coincide because the bees will favor phacelia.

Phacelia is particularly recommended in Vergers D 'Fruit trees because it also makes it possible to increase the populations of Trichograms, micro-hymenoptera parasitoids of eggs from eggs Lépidoptera, including Carpocapses (towards apples and plums). The plant also attracts Guêpe Aphelinus Mali which parasites Lanigue of the apple tree.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Phacelia with Tansie Leaves of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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