30 Graines Oignon tige 'Ishikura', Ciboule, Allium fistulosum

30 Graines Oignon tige 'Ishikura', Ciboule, Allium fistulosum

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Onion stem 'ishikura', ciboule, allium fistulosum |

The CibouleCive1Winter onion1,2 or Oignon Green In Quebec, is a species (Allium fistulosum) of herbaceous plants Perennials from the family of amaryllidaceae (ex Liliaceae). It is cultivated for its aromatic leaves , with a soft taste than theonion or theshallot, and used in cooking as vegetable or like Aromate . In Provence and in the South-East of France, it is known as Cebette and harvested before bulging Bulbes3. We still meet the common names onion of SpainChiboule or Fistulaux. It is known by the names of Schnittzwiebel or Winterzwiebel in German, Welsh Onion in English, Cebolleta in Spanish and Cipolletta in Italian. It is an important ingredient of many kitchens ofFar East under the name of  (Pinyin: Cōng ; pronounced " Tsong " in A high tone) in Chinese, 葱 / ねぎ (NEGI) in Japanese and  (PA) in Korean. It is one of the plants whose culture is recommended in the royal fields by Charlemagne in the capitular of Villis (End of VIIIe or beginning of the IXe century).

20 seeds

Ciboule is often used in full (leaves and bulb) chopped or minced, in the form of a condiment or in replacement of the onion whose taste is stronger. It is often cooked - briefly - but can be used raw (especially the leaves) to flavor a dish at the end of cooking as we would with the chives. It is used for salads, sautéed dishes, soups, sauces (poor man for example) etc.

It is particularly used in the Far East (KoreaChinaSoutheast AsiaJapan) where it is an ingredient Lighthouse used almost everywhere : noodles, sautéed rice, wok meat dishes, salads, soups, etc. It serves as a garnish for example to lacquered duck where it is minced and accompanies duck meat, all served in pancakes.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Ciboule from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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