Graines Rhubarbe chinoise, Rheum palmatum

Graines Rhubarbe chinoise, Rheum palmatum

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Chinese rhubarb, ornamental rhubarb, rheum palmatum |

Rheum Palmatum is a species of Flower plant Family of RenouéesPolygonaceae. It is commonly called Chinese rhubarb , [1] [2] ornamental rhubarb , Rhubarb of Turkey or Rhubarb of Eastern Indies . RHEUM PALMATUM is a Herbaceous Perennial related to Rhubarb edible It is mainly used in traditional medicine and as an ornamental subject in the garden.

10 seeds

Agnia Losina-Losinskaja proposed to classify it in  Palmata section of Flora Sssr in 1936. [4] in Flora Republicae popularis de 1998, Sinicae AR Li maintains this classification for this species.

Gradually branched clusters with ripe red flowers found on Chinese rhubarb with lobed leaves.
Port of Rheum Palmatum

Its lobed leaves are large, shredded and in the shape of a hand, reaching a width of two feet. Chinese rhubarb has thick and deep roots. [6]

Similar species modifier ]

The species RHEUM TANGUTICUM is closely related to R. Palmatum . [sept]

R. Palmatum is distinguished from R. × Hybridum , the garden rhubarb that we consume, by its size; While garden rhubarb only grows on a few feet high, Chinese rhubarb can reach six feet. [6]

Karyotypia modifier ]

R. Palmatum has a number of chromosomes of 2 n = 22.  [5]

RHEUM TANGUTICUM , R. Rhabarbarum and R. Officinale and some others, are all harvested for their roots, which are used as phytotherapy. [7] It has become one of the most important articles exchanged along the road to Silk . 

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