20 Graines Grande bardane, Arctium lappa

20 Graines Grande bardane, Arctium lappa

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Large Bardane, Bardane Officinale, Arctium Lappa |

Large Bardane, Arctium Lappa, up to 2 m

20 seeds

The Grande Bardane (Arctium Lappa L.), also called Bardane Officinale or Common Bardane, is a species of herbaceous plant annual or biennial of the family of asteraceae. It has many properties favorable to health1,2 and constitutes a traditional plant in popular medicine. It is also cultivated as vegetable plant for its Racine consumed as vegetable.

The Scientific Name of the genre (Arctium) corresponds to the Greek Arktos (Bear), perhaps because of their hirsute appearance and " badly licked ”. The epithet LAPPA derives from Greek Lambanô, " Hang ", by allusion to the capitules provided with hooks promoting Zochoria3. As for the vernacular name (Bardane), it comes from medieval Latin Bardana, alteration of late Latin Dardana mentioned by Pseudo-Apulated In of Herbis4 which itself would correspond to the Germanic *Daroþ " Dard " (Cf. v. Angl. Daroþ, v. Norr. Darraðr, Anc. H. All. Tart), recalling the hooks that allow the dissemination of the seeds of the plant and inspired the invention of Velcro5.

It has numerous vernacular names : edible bardane, large bardane, Glouteron, giant bardane, ringworm grass. It is sometimes called secondarily or regionally Donkey cabbage, COPEAU, Graquias, Crakia, Flu, Tying grass, Pouilleux grass, Herb to lords, Napolier or Easter Gans.

GOBO (Japanese name of cultivated bardane). In German : Große Klette, in English : Edible Burdock, in Spanish : Bardana.

The burden root is eaten raw or cooked. Having a pleasant artichoke taste and a sweet flavor due toinulin, it accommodates in the manner of Salsifis, saved or in gratin15. We used it, cut into pieces and roasted as a coffee juice16. In Japan is also sold marinated and wrapped in leaves of Périlla17.

Young leaves are also consumable but they must be bleached to eliminate their bitterness. Young shoots can be eaten like asparagus or be cook with steam18.

  • Part used : root and leaf.
  • Component : Inulin, Lappoline, Essential oil, bitter principle, sugar, antibiotic, calcium and magnesium salts.

Properties : Diuretics, detoxifying20 (Elimination by kidneys, skin & Mucous membels), hepatoprotective, diaphoretics (induction of sweating), relief of rheumatic pain, dermatoses (root ). Vulnerary, dermatoses care (leaf).

Large Bardane is traditionally used as a diuretic21 or blood depurative, laxative22, in the treatment of biliary or urinary lithiasis23, and for certain conditions Musculoskeletal21.

The components of the large bardane can bind to toxic compounds such as polycholorobenzenes (PCB), and thus facilitate their elimination. The hepatoprotective action of various elements of the great bardan could thus be tested experimentally24. Coffee acids present in large quantities in large bardan have an activity recognized against several hepatotoxic agents25. Finally, the large burdness reduces the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and lipids, as well as the formation of lithocolic and deoxycholic acids26. These experimental observations thus corroborate the traditional use of large bardane as hepatoprotector, depurative and detoxifying.

Large bardane is also used in the treatment of skin diseases, especially acne. This action is partly linked to its depurative and detoxifying activity, the stimulation of hepatobiliary activity and diuresis. In addition, large burdock has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity27, and we know that the excessive formation of free radicals in the skin plays a role in the pathogenesis of acne and other dermatitis. Finally, coffee acids protect skin collagen from alterations induced by solar radiation or artificial UVs, and inhibit hyaluronidase28.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Grande Bardane by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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