50 Graines Moutarde noire, Brassica nigra

50 Graines Moutarde noire, Brassica nigra

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Black mustard, Black Senevé, Brassica Nigra |

Black mustard or Sénévé Noir (Brassica Nigra) is a kind of Annual plants of the family of Brassicaceae, cultivated for its seeds used for the preparation of Condiments. The old name given by Linné to this plant was Sinapis Nigra ; It is under this name that this plant is found in homeopathic medical matter.

50 seeds

Black mustard is an annual herbaceous plant4,5, velue-toy at the base. It has an erect upper of approximately 1 meter6, with spreading branches.

The leaves are all petiolated, the lower Pennatifids and Lyrées (with a much larger terminal lobe), glaucous, with denticulated or toothed margin, superior lanceolate, whole or A little toothed.

TheInflorescence is a Grappe, the flower is regular and Hermaphrodite.

The racket bears fairly large, yellow, 10-12 mm flowers, with a short pedicel, applied against the axis, fragrant. The 4 sepales7 are free, green and on two Verticilles. The 4 free petals are 7-9 mm in length are arranged on a cross on a single VERICLE and are yellow.

The stamens are 6 on two verticles, on the internal four main stamens and on the external two small stamens, the set thus forms a Androcea Tetradynama. The carpels are two in number, secondarily appears a false partition that can be called replied.

Flowering spreads from April to October.

The fruit is a silic, applied against the axis, linear, 1-2.5 cm × 2-3 mm7, sessile, glabrous, subtetragon, a little bumpy, with small beak from 4 to 5 times shorter than the valves.

At maturity, the seeds are brown-noir and have a very spicy flavor. The origin of the black/white qualifiers in the terms " Black/white mustard " comes from the color of the seed.

  • Black mustard is cultivated for its seed which once crushed and added other ingredients gives the famous condiment, also named mustard.
  • It is also used as medicinal plant. Black mustard seed flour is used for the preparation of poultices or Sinapisms15,Note 1.
  • Young leaves, of slightly spicy flavor, can be consumed in salads. Older, the leaves, once boiled lose their spicy taste and constitute an excellent cooked vegetable16. This use is usual in Ethiopian cuisine17.
  • The seeds are commonly used in the Indian cuisine, as in some Curry18 where they are called Rai. They are thrown into the oil or Ghî hot to make them burst and release their hazelnut flavor19. Oil from mustard seeds is used in Indian cuisine.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Black Moutarde by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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