50 Graines Helichrysum bracteatum mélange

50 Graines Helichrysum bracteatum mélange

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Immortelle with bracts, xerochrysum bracteatum, helichrysum bractatum mix |

Xerochrysum BRACTEATUM, the immortelle with bracts, is a species of plants dicotyledons of the family of asteraceae, Subfamille of Asteroidea, fromAustralia.

50 seeds

Described by Étienne Pierre Ventenat in 1803, under the name ofHelichrysum Bracteatum, this species has remained known by this name for many years before being reclassified in a new genre, Xerochrysum, in 1990. It is a woody or herbaceous plant, Perennial or annual or a shrub that can reach a meter high, with green or gray foliage . Golden yellow or white capitals flourish from spring to fall. Their distinctive character is made up of Bracts Papyracée which resemble petals. The species is widespread and grows in various habitats throughout Australia, from the margins of the tropical forest to deserts and subalpine regions. The Golden Immortelle serves as food for various larvae of Lepidoptera (caterpillars), and adult butterflies, Syrphs, native bees, small beetles and grasshoppers turns capitules.

The Golden Immortelle has proven to be very adaptable in Culture as ornamental plant. It was propagated and selected in Germany in the 1850s , and Cultivars annual in a multitude of shapes and colors ranging from white to bronze via purple flowers have been obtained. Many of them are still sold in mixed seed packages. In Australia, numerous cultivars are Prennnes shrubs, which have become popular garden plants. More robust long -up forms are used commercially for the production ofcut flowers [A445].

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Xerochrysum Bracteatum by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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