50 Graines Pourpier à grandes fleurs, Portulaca grandiflora

50 Graines Pourpier à grandes fleurs, Portulaca grandiflora

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Pourpier with large flowers, Portulaca grandiflora |

The Chevalier-D'ONze-Heures or Purpier with large flowers (Portulaca Grandiflora) is a herbaceous plant of the Family of Portulacaceae. It is native in Argentina, in Brazil of the South and in Uruguay. It is used as an ornamental plant.

50 seeds - Color mixtures

The large flower purse is an annual plant, small but fast growing, being up to 30 centimeters high, but generally less. The leaves, thick and fleshy, almost cylindrical, are up to 2.5 centimeters long and are arranged alternately or in small groups. The flowers have a diameter of 2.5 to 3 centimeters and bear five petals of red, orange, pink, white or yellow variant.

It grows easily under temperate climates as an annual ornamental plant for flowerbeds or as a potted plant. It requires a lot of light and a well -drained soil.

Many Cultivars have been selected to obtain double flowers and for variations in the color of flowers, united or variegated. There are also hybrids of P. Grandiflora with P. Oleracea, Umbraticola, Villosa. According to Flower language, offering this flower to someone is a declaration of love[réf. souhaitée]. Unlike P. Oleracea and P. Umbraticola, it is not edible because of its bitter taste.

It was used by biologists to decipher the biosynthesis route of type Pigments Betalain

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