2 Graines Fragon piquant, Ruscus aculeatus

2 Graines Fragon piquant, Ruscus aculeatus

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Fragon Petit-Houx, spicy fragon, ruscus aculeatus |

The Fragon Petit-Houx or Fragon Faux-Houx (Ruscus Aculeatus) is a sub-armrisseau sempervire Dioic From Family of Asparagaceae (or Liliaceae, according to the classical classification) pushing in the Mediterranean-Atlantic area.

2 seeds - Cold stratifging, Seeds during 3-4 months before sowing - Medium germination: 70%

In French, Ruscus Aculeatus calls himself Fragon Faux-Houx, Fragon Petit-Houx, Fragon Pique, Fragon Pénée, spine of Rat, Boxwood, Fragonnette, Gringon, Vergandier or Houx -hornet.

In Gallo, his name is Hagun or Hayen according to pronunciations.

In English, Ruscus Aculeatus is commonly called Butcher’s Broom (Balais du Boucher). This name has its origin from European butchers using a group linked to stems to clean their cutting boards1. This broom, due to its rigidity, is associated with the anti-bacterial property due to the presence ofessential oil, anti-bacterial property discovered a posteriori2.

Sub-Arbrisseau Dioic, sepervire, erected, very branched and Rhizomatie, less than 1 meter high.

The fluted rods bear cladodes alternate, oval, twisted at the base (the upper side down), ended by a thorn, which corresponds to a reduced sheet no longer ensuring its chlorophyll functions3.

Flowers greenish, from September to April, lonely or two, on the upper face of cladodes, six Tepals (three large and three small).

The fruit are Red Bays . The Seeds are disseminated by Endozooochoria4.

Possible confusion with the sarcococca with ruscus leaves (sarcococca ruscifolia), whose fragrant flowering also takes place in winter, and the clusters (Danae Racemosa), whose berries are orange and clusters.

The species is not assessed worldwide byIUCN. In Europe and France it is classified as non -worrying 6. The species is considered in Danger-criticism (CR) in Lorraine and vulnerable (seen) in Nord-Pas-de-de Calais.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Ruscus Aculeatus from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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