20 Graines Limnanthe de Douglas, Oeuf au plat

20 Graines Limnanthe de Douglas, Oeuf au plat

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Limnanthe de Douglas, egg on the dish | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Limnanthe de Douglas, egg on the dish, 10 to 20 cm high,

20 seeds

Limnanthes Douglasii is a species ofFlower plant Annual Family of Limnanthaceae (Limnanthe) commonly called Limnanthe de Douglas [1] or Poached Aubergine . He is Originally of California and Oregon, where he pushes in a humid and grassy habitat, like Mares spring and spring meadows. He can push in poorly drained clay soils. The plant was collected by the Scottish explorer and botanist David Douglas , which worked on the west coast of America in the 1820s.

The plant generally carries white flowers with yellow centers, hence the name "poached eggplant", but the color of the flowers can vary from one subspecies to another. It is an ornamental plant appreciated. He attracts Syrphs and is pollinated by Bees . He self-science, even in a lawn.

This plant has won the price of merit of the Jardin de la Royal Horticultural Society 


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