5 Graines Dragonnier des Canaries

5 Graines Dragonnier des Canaries

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Dragonnier des Canaries, Dracaena Draco |

The Dragonnier des Canaries (Dracaena Draco), or Common Dragonnier, is a tree plant Monocotyledone of the family of Liliaceae (or Dracaenaceae) according to the classical classification, or Asparagaceae (or Ruscaceae) according to phylogenetic classification.

The Dragonnier des Canaries l'Ash a large parasol which when it is old, can reach more than 20 M high, with a wide flared foot bearing a very houppier TUFFU, in the shape of a spherical cap about twenty meters in diameter, supported by a dense network of intertwined branches.

From any injury or incision, a red resin flows, known as Dragon Blood. Used as a medical matter since Antiquity, it was very popular and sold very expensive. The Canary Source has dried up in XIXe century1. Wild populations have been declining for a long time, the species is on the red list IUCN of species in danger of disappearance2.

5 seeds Average germination: 60%

The species is easily reproduced by Bouture or Marketing but also from the seeds. The plant being in critical danger of extinction, especially not to take anything in nature.

The Dragonnier des Canaries can be planted in gardens in the Mediterranean climate. In pot, it is rare that the plant is branched out18. In the open ground, she branches up for the first time after about 15 years


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