10 Graines Gainier du Canada, Cercis canadensis

10 Graines Gainier du Canada, Cercis canadensis

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Canada gainer, CARCIS CANADENSIS |


10 seeds  -  Average germination: 60% -  Cold stratification for 90 days - The seeds are submerged at a temperature of 60 ° C. Soak the seeds in this water which will gradually cool for 48 hours. Sow in spring at 18ºC/20ºC. Rusticity: - 25 ° C

Photo n ° 3 and 4 of the young Gainier de Canada plant, in direct sowing without cold stratification.

The Gainier du Canada or Red Gainier (Cercis Canadensis) is a small Tree with deciduous foliage fromAmerica North, from the Fabaceae family according to Phylogenetic classification (formerly of the Césalpiniaceae family). This is the Tree of the State of theOklahoma.

It generally reaches between 6 and 9 m high with 8 to 10 meters of extension. It usually has a short trunk, often twisted and spread branches. A 10 -year -old tree will generally be approximately 5 m high. The bark is dark, smooth. Later, she became scaly with a slightly visible ridge, sometimes with brown spots. The branches are thin and in zigzags, almost black, dotted with lighter lenticels. The winter buds are small, rounded and dark, ranging from red to brown. The leaves are alternated, simple, and the heart in shape with an entire margin. Their dimensions are 7 to 12 cm long and wide, thin, resembling paper and sometimes slightly hairy below.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Gainier du Canada by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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