20 Graines Ipomée Quamoclit mélange

20 Graines Ipomée Quamoclit mélange

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Ipomed Quamoclit mixes |

Ipomée Cardinal Climber - Ipomoea X Multifida, Ipomoea Quamoclit Coccinea (L.) Moench, Ipomoea Quamoclit Pennata Mixture is a climbing, annual, attractive and vigorous plant with lush foliage and carmine flowers in the shape of a trumpet with white hearts Covering vigorous climbing lianas, it begins to flower in the middle of summer and continues until the plant is killed by frost. The seeds are very toxic if they are ingested. Ideal for trellis and fences. Growed well in full sun. Very easy to cultivate on all types of floors and adapted to large pots.

20 Seeds - Average germination: 70%

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