5 Graines Palmier dattier nain, Phoenix Roebelenii

5 Graines Palmier dattier nain, Phoenix Roebelenii

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Dwarf date palm, Mekong date, Phoenix Roebelenii |

Phoenix Roebelenii, the dattier of the mekong or dwarf date is a kind of palm belonging to Genre Phoenix and the Family of Arécaceae. The species is indigenous on the banks of the Mékong, mainly in Laos and in Thailand.

5 seeds - Average germination: 60% in 40 to 60 days -  LSoak the seeds in water 7 days before sowing - Sowing temperature 20/30 ° C

The stipe is fine (10 to 15 cm thick1) and marked in a characteristic way by the prominent base of the ancients Petioles. It only reaches 2 to 3 M Height in the oldest specimens2.

The leaves are Pennées, flexible, of a very decorative brilliant green. From Port Arqué, they reach 1 m long2.

The flowers, small and creamy white or yellowish, are arranged in inflorescence between the leaves. They give dark, almost black, maturity, elliptical or oblong fruits, measuring 1.2 cm on average2.

Originally from Indonesia2, it is cultivated elsewhere.

It is a typically rheophile species, that is to say that grows along the rivers and which can be seasonally flooded.

The fruits are very small dates edible 3 of 1 cm of length, containing a tiny seed the size of a oat grain.

This species shows a certain capacity for resistance to cold, which allows it to be acclimated in the most sheltered places. He supports brief gels of −4 ° C to −5 ° C 4.

Phoenix Roebelenii has become, in recent years, a very appreciated indoor plant. Its ability to resist both excess and watering shortcomings, reduced light intensities and a relatively dry atmosphere makes it an excellent interior palm 3.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Phoenix Roebelenii by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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