20 Graines Cèdre du Japon, Sugi, Cryptomeria japonica

20 Graines Cèdre du Japon, Sugi, Cryptomeria japonica

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Cedar of Japan, 杉 (スギ, sugi, cryptomeria japonica |

The Cryptomer of Japan or Cedar of Japan (Cryptomeria Japanica), in Japanese 杉 (スギ : SUGI), is a species of conifers close to cypress bald2 (family of cupressaceae) Originally fromFar East. He is the only member of the genre Cryptomeria. The species is present in Japan, in China and in Korea, as well as theReunion Island and Açores3.

20 seeds - Average germination:  14 % - Rusticity: - 10 ° C  - Dip the seeds 48 hours in water at room temperature/cold before sowing

Japan cryptomer is a very large tree persistent leaves reaching 60 meters, with a 4 meters in diameter and a Red-Brunin vertical strips. In France, it reached 30 to 40 meters in height.

The leaves are arranged in a spiral, like thorns, from 0.5 to 1 CM long and the Lécania cones, 2 to 3 CM in diameter with 20 to 40 slightly nested scales which carry, on their underside, white and yellow bumps from which escape in season many grains of Pollen. This pollen would be the main person responsible for the Japanese hay hay hay, kafunshō (花粉症?, Litt. " Disease of pollen »). The long persistence of the branches makes penetration pruning essential. It is superficially similar to giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron Giganteum), which can be differentiated by the closer scales of the branch6 and smaller cones (4 at 6 cm for the redwood), and a harder bark (thick, soft and spongy for sequoia).

The Sugi 杉 is theNational Tree of Japan, where it is commonly planted around temples, with many impressive subjects planted there is centuries. Sargent (1894; La Flora de la Forêt in Japan) reports the circumstances of a Daimyo which was too poor to give a stone lantern to the funeral of the funeral of the funeral of the funeral of the funeral of the funeral of the funeral of the funeral of Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa (1543-1616) at Nikko, but asked in place to plant an alley of Sugi. Visitors in the future could be protected from the heat of the sun. The offer was accepted ; The avenue which still exists on more than 65 km.

The SUGI is also the most common local wood in traditional constructions. It is used in particular for decorative posts in Japanese style pieces. In the mountains of northern Kyoto, he is known as Kitayama Sugi and cultivated to form perfect posts, straight for rectilinear fibers, so as to meet the requirements of Japanese carpenters8.

Japanese cryptomer is often described and represented in Japanese literature. Thus, for example, in the famous novel Kyoto of the Nobel Prize Yasunari Kawabata, one of the characters of which lives and works in a cryptomer forest located in the mountains of the north of Kyoto, where the tradition of Kitayama Sugi was born.

It is also planted abundantly in Korea and China, and as an ornamental tree in other countries with temperate climate (it fears frost). One of the most popular forms is the cultivated version Elegans which has the distinction of keeping its juvenile foliage all its life, instead of developing its adult foliage when it reaches the age of one year.

The Bois is fragrant, of a pink-red color, light but strong, rot-proof and resistant to decomposition[réf. nécessaire]. It is often used in Japan for all types of construction as well as interior panels, sometimes treated according to the technique of Yakisugi.

In pots, especially as Christmas tree or in Bonsai, it needs a lot of humidity and yellows if it is lacking or if it is placed in full sun.

In Japan, the tree is responsible for Kafunshō (花粉症?, Pollen disease), UN Pollinosis which touched in 2015 25 Millions of people, including 40 % of the inhabitants of Tokyo. It would notably be present out of 22 000 of 31 000 Hectares de Forêt in the Metropolis of Tokyo9. The Japanese protect themselves from surgical masks and protective glasses.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Cryptomeria Japanica from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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