Graines Pavot bleu de l'Himalaya, Meconopsis baileyi

Graines Pavot bleu de l'Himalaya, Meconopsis baileyi

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Himalayan blue poppy seeds, Meconopsis baileyi |

The Pavot Blue of the Himalayas, also called Blue Pavot of Tibet and Blue Coquelicot of Himalayas (Meconopsis Betonicifolia, also Meconopsis Baileyi, Tibetan : Utpal ngonpo ) is a Perennial Plant of the family of Papavéraceae. It was described the first time by 1886 by Pierre Jean Marie Delavay. In 1912 (or 1913), a specimen was collected by Frederick Markham Bailey (Exploration Mission Bailey - Morshead of the Tsangpo gorges). It is a plant in traditional Tibetan medicine risking disappearing due to too much marketing2.

10 seeds

Size : 1 m to 1.5 m in height
Flower size : between 10 and 20 cm in diameter
Flowering : June / July
Port : in rosette and floral shaft
Rusticity : Zone 5
Exhibition : mid-shad or in the sun if the soil is kept wet
Sol : humus, fresh or even humid, and rather neutral.

Originally from Gorges du Yarlung Tsangpo, in the south-east of Tibet, the blue poppy grows at an altitude of 3120 to 4000 meters.

In 1886, the long steps of Delavay towards Tibetan tray led him to discover a bright blue pavots, but the plant was perhaps discovered before him and called Meconopsis Napaulensis3.

This perennial is very capricious, it can become invasive as much as disappear overnight if the conditions do not please her. It is appreciated by snails and slugs ... and subject to Mildiou.

This flower is the emblem of gardens of Métis in Gaspésie at Quebec.

Flowering in Quebec is approximately a month, from the end of June until the end of July. It generally reaches its peak in the first two weeks of July.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Bleu of the Himalayas by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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