10 Graines Asperge Sauvage Blanche, Asparagus albus

10 Graines Asperge Sauvage Blanche, Asparagus albus

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White asparagus, white wild asparagus, asparagus albus |

Asparagus albus, white asparagus, is a species of flower plants belonging to the gender asparagus, to the family of asparagaceae. It is a Wild Asparagus Mediterranean.

10 Seeds - soak 24 hours in the water before sowing - sowing at 20/25 ° C

It is a dense and bushy shrub of 50 CM at 1.10 M whose stems and ramifications, angular and flexible, are covered with thorns.

The flowers are white, fragrant with purple anthers.

In this study1, ethanolic extracts of leaves, pericarpes and rhizomes from Asparagus Albus L. have been studied for their phytochemical, antioxidant (DPPH and FRAP dosages), antimicrobial against human pathogenic isolates and cytotoxic activities (carcinoma of human colon cells).

The highest flavonoid content was obtained in the leaf extract followed by the pericarp, but no flavonoid was detected in the rhizome. However, the rhizome had a high concentration of saponins. The extract of an ethanolic pericarp has proven to present a higher antioxidant activity than the extracts of rhizome and leaves. In addition, the rhizome had a more obvious cytotoxic activity against the cells of the human colon than the leaves and the pericarp.

All extracts have shown variable degrees of antimicrobial activity against most human pathogens. In addition, the sheets have shown more powerful inhibitory activities against the maximum number of bacteria and all isolated fungi and the highest activity was in the pericarpe extract against pseudomonas aeruginosa (MDR) multi -director and Streptococcus agalactiae (ER) Erythromycin resistant with an inhibition zone of 21 mm and 19 mm, respectively.

The results show that A. Albus could be a new culture of pharmaceutical interest because its richness in bioactive compounds brings considerable benefits to human health.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Asparagus Albus of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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