50 Graines Trèfle incarnat Rouge, Trifolium incarnatum

50 Graines Trèfle incarnat Rouge, Trifolium incarnatum

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Red incarnat clover, Roussillon clover, Trifolium Incarnatum | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

The Trèfle Incarnat or Trèfle du Roussillon or Farouche Trèfle1 (Trifolium Incarnatum L.) is a plant Herbaceous belonging to the genre Trifolium and the Fabaceae family (or legumes). Frequently used as Fourrage and Green fertilizer, it can form important colonies. Its flowers are blood red most often, sometimes pink or yellowish white. We know two subspecies :

  • subsp. Incarnatum, here described ;
  • subsp. MOLINERII (Balb. Ex HORNEM.) CES. 1844 (the Trèfle de Molineri).

50 seeds

Hairy herbaceous plant with applied hair, erected and fairly robust stem, 20 to 50 CM. Alternate leaves, long petiole having at its base reddish stipules. The three leaflets are rounded in oval, finely toothed at the top.

Its radicular system intensely colonizes the first 15 centimeters of the soil at the main winter. Its roots can descend up to 60 CM and stimulate the activity of to Earth. Like other legumes, it fixes thenitrogen of air and enriches the soil.

It is also possible to carry out a stolen culture between two cultures of corn Grain. The principle being to sow the clover just after the maize harvest of the year 1 and to harvest it before the sowing of corn of year 2.

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