5 Graines Prunier-cerise, Myrobolan, Prunus cerasifera

5 Graines Prunier-cerise, Myrobolan, Prunus cerasifera

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Prunier-cerise, MyroBolan, Prunus Cerasifera |

 MyroBolan or Prunier-Cerise (prunus cerasifera), sometimes called Plum myrobolan or Myrobalan, is a species offruit trees of the family of Rosaceae.

5 seeds - cold stratification 4/5 monthly sowing, seed temperature 18/20 ° C

The MyroBolan plum is a shrub or a tree little to medium, from 5 to 15 meters in height.

Its deciduous leaves 4 to 6 cm long are shiny green on the top and mat in the reverse (dark purple for the form Pissardii).

Myrobolan is one of the first European flowers in flowers in the spring, often from mid-February. Flowers at five Petals are white and measure approximately 2 cm in diameter.The fruit is a Drupe 2-3 cm in diameter, resembling the Mirabelle. This yellow, red, violet or black plum1, is edible although a little sour, aqueous and bland. It matures from early July and until mid-September.The Prunier MyroBolan owes its name to Greek μυροβάλανος (Myrobalanos) literally " Scented acorn ", composed of μύρον " Perfume "And βάλανος" glans ". Note that we also designate by the name of " MyroBolan " The dry fruit of Badamier. The Latin  " MyroBolanus " was also used to designate a particular species of dried fruit in particular the plum which took the name of Mirabella then which passed in French in the form of Mirabelle.

He is from south-eastern Europe and southwest of Asia ; naturalized in a dispersed way in continental France (0-800 m.)

The MyroBolan plum is used as Cartek for different types of plum trees such as the Reine-Claude, the Quetsche or the Mirabelle Because it multiplies well by sowing, it drageonne little, even develops in poor land and gives moderately vigorous trees.

It is generally not used as a rootstock for the apricottree because the transplant point between the apricot and the MyroBolan plum is fragile and sensitive to the wind. In addition, apricot trees grafted on these francs come into production later than the trees grafted on apricot rootstocks. However, myrobolans plum francs can be used in areas where drainage is imperfect and where apricot francs would not give good results.

The MyroBolan plum is one of the 38 flowers in Doctor Bach. He is classified as the family of emotions " Fears ".

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Prunus Cerasifera by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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