10 Graines Clematis vitalba, Clématite des Haies

10 Graines Clematis vitalba, Clématite des Haies

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Clematis vitalba, hedge clematis | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Clematis vitalba, hedge clematis.

10 seeds.

The hedge clematis or Clématite Vigne-Blanche (Clematis Vitalba L.1753) is a woody plant Climbing of Family of RenoNculacées.

This species is considered invasive in certain regions where it has been introduced, notably in New Zealand.

It is sometimes called aubavis, aubervigne, smoking wood, pipe wood, cranquilier, beggar grass, vineyard of Solomon, viorne of the poor, or oräbliä in an old dialect of Geneva. The name " Herbe aux Guels " comes from the use that beggars made of its irritating leaves to voluntarily inflict on ulcers in order to arouse pity1. It is called " Virgouène " in Berry.

It is a Liane Perennial, climbing with vigorous branched stems, with opposite, imparipennés compounds (5 to 9 leaflets including a terminal). Petioles have a functioning of Vrilles and therefore allow it to fix its support. The branches develop only on the axes aged one year or more. The growth of an axis is defined over a year and the ramification is sympodial. The flowers are white-greenish odor, the chalice is petaloid (looks like petals). The stamens and carpels are inserted in a spiral and the Androcea is polystemone with introverse dehiscence. The fruits are akens with plumey edges, that is to say that they are surmounted by a silky appendage and persistent for a long time on the plant giving it a characteristic appearance in winter.

This plant releases by hydrolysis a toxic compound, the protoanémonin, which has an action Rubying and Vésicante. The literature does not point out into ingestion poisoning, the causticity of the juices making accidents are generally limited to oral burns.

This property was used by beggars in the Middle Ages which caused their Exanthemes, acute appearance ulcers on their face and their hands with the skin of this clematis and maintaining their ulcers With rough fruits to inspire the pity of passers -by. They then healed these skin conditions by covering them with leaves of Bette3.

There are other indigenous species of clematis: Clematis flammulaClematis RectaClematis Alpina (with blue flowers) as well as a very large number of Species and ornamental varieties (flowering in spring or autumn) of mainly Asian origin. All these plants are to be considered as potentially very irritating4. The boys of the countryside once made it a recreational use (the large dried stems cut into sections were smoked in secret like a cigar, especially since this wood very little irritates the throat), hence its name " pipe wood "," smoking wood "or" smoking wood "5. This liana is also used in basketry.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Clematis Vitalba by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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