50 Graines Rince-bouteille violet, Callistemon violaceus

50 Graines Rince-bouteille violet, Callistemon violaceus

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Rinse-Bouteille Violet, Callistemon Violanceus |

Rinse-Bouteille with willow leaves, Callistemon Salignus.

50 seeds - Average germination: 10% in 20 to 30 days

Melaleuca Salicina , commonly known as Bottle brush in willow , [2] is a plant in the family of myrtles Myrtaceae , and is Endemic from eastern Australia. Some Herbiers of Australian State continue to use the name of Calistemon Salignus , a name which is accepted by Australian Plant Census . It is a shrub or a small tree with a low foliage, new pink growth, a bark of white paper and ears of generally white or creamy bottle flowers in the spring.

Melaleuca Salicina is a shrub or a small tree reaching 15 m (50 ft) high with a new soft and pink growth and a white or gray papyracée bark. Its sheets are arranged alternately and measure 38–144 mm (1 - 6 in) long, 5–16 mm (0.2–0.6 in) wide, more or less flat, of narrow elliptical shape and narrowing towards both ends. There is a median vein, marginal veins and 9 to 29 distinct side veins. [2] [3] [4]

The flowers are white or white cream and are arranged in ears at the end or around the branches that continue to grow after flowering. The ears measure 20–35 mm (0.8–1 in) in diameter and 50–80 mm (2–3 in) long with 10 to 40 individual flowers. Petals measure 2.6–4 mm (0.1–0.2 in) long and fall as the flower ages and there are 48 to 65 stamens in each flower. Flowering takes place from September to November and is followed by fruit which are Capsules Locatuses from 3.8 to 4.4 mm (0.1 to 0.2 '') of long and of 4 to 5 mm (0.16 to 0.20 in) in diameter. [2] [3] [4]


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