Graines Pavot d'Orient mix

Graines Pavot d'Orient mix

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Orient poppy, Tournefort poppy, Eastern Papaver Mixture |

Orient's poppy mixture.

30 seeds

The Pavot d'Orient (Eastern Papaver), also called Pavot de Tournefort, is a Perennial Plant Originally from Caucase, northeast of Turkey and North West ofIran2.

The Orient poppy measures 80 CM at 1.20 M high. It has large red flowers from 10 to 18 CM, mounted on a leave -free rod.

Very decorative, this plant is often cultivated in gardens. There are pink and white varieties.

The oriental poppy (sect. Macrantha) or Pavot d'Orient3 appears as a cultivated, divergent and very advanced form of the Setigerum poppy in its colors and the size of its petals, its pistils, and its fruit. Its recognizable stigmatic platform is most often very dark. It is easily cultivated by gardeners, commonly presents very large flowers, can bear transplantation and is relatively frequent in the ornament of both private and public spaces.

Although modest, it was punctually used in medicine in the East and has been the subject of study of pharmaceutical industrial projects in the United States where it is considered a great specimen of pop-off Setigerum. It is more specifically the species Papaver Bracteatum (a generic name of the Grand Orientalis presenting Bracts Leafy) which had been highlighted by the administration of Richard Nixon to replace the sleeping poppy in the pharmaceutical industry. It is its strong build and its good production of precursor alkaloids (Thebaine) which can interest industry, while its rate of major narcotic agents (morphine ...) is naturally low, just like its latex production . ]46A[ ) ]36A26A[ ( ]16A06A95A85A[ elcitrA : ]75A[ ecruoS . ]65A[ 0.3 AS-YB-CC ecnecil al à simuos unetnoC ]55A[ .eétimil eriatnemila noitacov ruel te serion tnos seniarg seS .sésilitu srola scnalb te srion stovap sel rus lacidém in reilaéréc tuota nucua sruellia rap tnatnesérp en ; ]45A[ fitarocéd elocitroh têrétni nu snad tnemevidrat euq eporuE ne seésuffid été tno'n iuq selatneiro sétéirav ed elartsecna te elacol noitaérc enu tnaté ,tnediccO ne egavuas taté'l à tnemellerutan sap etsixe'n lI ]35A[ .issua elle eéifisrevid sèrt siam rion tovap ed erèitne trap à ecèpse-suos enu uo ecèpse enu tnof ne iuq )égiré non te tnadrobéd uep euqitamgits uaetalp à upart sulp tnemelarénég tnecsihéd tiurf ,etsubor tcepsa ,etnalp al ed elliat ,selliuef sed emrof25A15A05A94A[ eL.tovap ed epyt ec erdnapér ed eédi'l srola rennodnaba tif iuq ec ,enïoréh ne erèfinmos tovap ud noitamrofsnart al euq sevitcudorp sulp siof 001 à 01 tom sab ua ,secnatsbus sec ne snitsednalc seriotarobal sel rap etnalp al ed esuegatnava sulp puocuaeb noitamrofsnart enu snoitartsinimda xua erdniarc tnerif )seuqixot sèrt siofrap siam ,enihprom al euq stnassiup sulp siof 000 ]84A74A[ 3 ed sulp tnos sniatreC ...enivapiro , ]64A54A[ , ]44A34A[ ( enihprom al euq strof sulp puocuaeb )yeltneB ed eirés al( ]24A [A1000] 14A[ al ed séviréd ed eirés enu'd yeltneB .W htenneK ed etrevuocéd al tnadnepeC ]04A[ .enihprom ed elbiaf sèrt xuat nu ceva enïabéht ed uo eniédoc ed étitnauq etrof sèrt enu eriudorp eriaf iul riovuop ed itnesserp tse li ,tnemesiorc uo euqiténég noitacifidom raP.

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