10 Graines Artichaut Vert de Provence

10 Graines Artichaut Vert de Provence

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Green artichoke from Provence | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Verde Perennial and voluminous, the plantation is done in late April or early May, the discharges called "eyelets", which are born at the base of the old feet, by detaching them with a few roots. The eyelets are placed by two, 180 centimeters away, in well smoked soil. The first year, they hardly produce and only in September-October.

In mid-November, the leaves are cut 30 centimeters from the ground and youest all the periphery of the leaves with earth or dead leaves, to protect the heart from frosts. We even cover with mulch during very very cold periods.

We remove the mounds in March, we remove the wilted leaves, we smoke them and we plow them. The scraps are removed at the end of April, leaving only 2 or 3 beautiful shoots per foot.

The production of the following years begins in June. Drizzle greatly promotes this harvest.

After four years, the plantation must be renewed. It is best to put the artichoke heads in paper bags when they are of medium size, they become so large and more tender. 

10 seeds

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