10 Graines Bourrache Blanche, Borago officinalis

10 Graines Bourrache Blanche, Borago officinalis

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White borage, Borago Officinalis | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

The borage is a herbaceous plant, it likes rich and humid floors, its leaves are small and rounded, it produces blue flowers in summer. Few plants are as effective in their effect on digestion as the borage. An infusion of its delicate flowers has been used since Antiquity to stimulate digestive functions. In addition, it is also beneficial for people with kidney problems. The borage contains a large amount of mucilage, which is an extract from the medicinal properties of the plant. Thanks to this mucilage, the borage helps digestion and reduces flatulence. In addition, it can also be used in the assistance of kidney problems. It would be from Africa and would have been introduced in Spain by the Moors. The common names are: Borage, Bourrelier, Bourse. The scientific name: Borago Officinalis L., Boraginacé

10 seeds

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