2 Graines Agave américain, Agave d'Amérique, Agave americana

2 Graines Agave américain, Agave d'Amérique, Agave americana

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American agave, agave of America, agave americana |

Agave Americana, commonly called American agave, Agave d'Amérique, is a species ofagaves of the Family of Agavaceae. It is also called Choka Bleu to Reunion. It is a species originating fromNorth America. Widely used in Horticulture, it is now naturalized on all continents. There are a multitude of Cultivars.

2 Seeds - direct sowing at 20/30 ° C

It is considered an invasive species in the south of France, especially in the Calanques National Park where snapping campaigns have regularly taken place.

American agave is a Grasse plant Herbaceous Perennial. It has underground rods (Rhizomes) capable of producing Dragees, but almost no air rod : Thirty2 Large Leaves is arranged in large Rosette from 2 to 3.70 M high for 1 to 2 M in diameter2.

Each sheet reached up to 2 m of length and a from 15 to 25 cm of width2,3,4 ; Its end can sometimes be curved downwards. Smooth, rigid, thick, it is blue green in maturity, although certain varieties can have yellow or white longitudinal stripes. All leaves have thorns on their borders (spaced from 1 to 4 CM2) and at their end. The thorns of the borders are gray to brown, the tip directed downwards diagonally, and measure from 8 to 10 MM2,5. The terminal spine, brown or brown-naked, can reach more than 2 CM long, generally from 2 to 6 CM2.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Agave Americaa by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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